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50 Decade

In the '50s in Vietnam have appeared a number of Olympic sport organizations - the forerunner of the current Olympic Movement .
According to the International Olympic Committee , at the 50 -year Vietnam has 9 National Sports Association , the Federation of International Sports Association recognized . They are: Athletics, Swimming , Soccer , Table Tennis , Basketball , Cycling , Tennis , Boxing , Fencing .
In the decade of the Olympic Games 50 , Vietnam has sent delegations to attend Sports : Olympic Congress , Congress of the Asian Games and the Southeast Asian region .
After the unification of the country , the movement of the Vietnam Olympic sport new conditions developed on a large scale , according to the general trend of the International Olympic Movement is to integrate with the international community in the field of sports to promote solidarity, friendship and international cooperation for peace and social progress .
According to the Olympic Charter ( Olympic Charter ) all National Olympic Committees to join the International Olympic movement needs to establish a unified organization with the Sports Act , private charters and their government for allowed .

From 1976 to 1980

- On 12/20/1976 , Premier Pham Van Dong signed a decision to allow 500 TTG established the National Olympic Committee of Vietnam .
- 12/ 1979 the Vietnam Olympic Committee has submitted an application to join the International Olympic Movement .
- On 04/28/1980 , the International Olympic Committee issued a decision formally recognized the National Olympic Committee of Vietnam is a member of the International Olympic movement . From Vietnam Olympic Committee Representative to the Republic 's only socialist Vietnam in the International Olympic Movement has the right to participate in the Olympic Congress , the Congress of the sport and the continent Southeast Asia .
9 founding members include:

1 . Mr. Le Duc Chinh , former General Director of the General Department of Physical Training and Sports - Chairman .

2 . Mr. Ta Quang Chien , former Deputy General Director of the General Department of Physical Training and Sports - Vice President .

3 . Mr. Ha Dang India , former chairman of the Vietnam Football - Vice President .

4 . Tu Liem Bui , former Sports Department - Secretary General .

5 . Mr. Nguyen Dac Tho - former Director of the Department of Exercise and Sport Commissioner Hanoi .

6 . Mr. Le Buu , former Director of the Department of Exercise and Sport Ho Chi Minh City - Member .

7 . Mr. Tran Luu Phuong , former Director of Sports facility in Hai Phong - Member .

8 . Mr. Nguyen application Occupy - General Office Sports - Member .

9 . Mr. Tran Van Trinh , former professional Department of International Relations - General Sports - Member .

From 1982 to 1989

1982 due to work demands , Vietnam Olympic Committee was to consolidate and add some new members . Mr. Ta Quang Chien , former General Director of the General Department of Sports as Chairman , Mr. Mai Van Muon , Deputy General Director cum Secretary General of the 11 new members that he :

+ Nguyen Van Manh , former director of the Department of International Relations - member .

+ Nguyen Van Trong , deputy director of high performance sport , cum General Secretary of Vietnam Swimming Association - Member .

+ Kim Chung Luong , Deputy Director of Sports Mass , Secretary General of Vietnam Gymnastics - Member .

+ Le The Tho , deputy director of high performance sport , general secretary of the Vietnam - Football Commissioner .

+ Pham Luong, Director of the Centre National Sports Training , General Secretary of the Vietnam Association of Volleyball - Member .

+ Ocean -workers , former Rector of the University Sports - Member

And some members ...

From 1989 - 1998

In 1989, the Vietnam Olympic Committee officially engaged again Sports Federation Council sent a mission in Southeast Asia and Sport Attend 15th SEA Games in Kuala Lumpur ( Malaysia ) . Additional 10 new members , Representative for the Association of Sports Federation .

Tháng 4/1993 Congress of the Vietnam Olympic Committee for the First convened . The Congress elected a new Executive Committee consists of 36 members led by Mr. Ha Quang Du Nguyen Party Central Committee member , Minister in charge of Sports - Youth as Chairman and Mr. Mai Van Muon as Deputy Director General of Register .
July 1998 Congress of key Olympic Committee II ( 1998-2002 ) was summoned . This is Congress brings important historical mission of the Olympic Movement Vietnam eve of the new millennium , to promote the sport movement for people , rapidly enhance sports performance and prepare emergency plan the conditions of the facilities to be ready to host the Congress of Sports Southeast Asian ( SEA Games 22 ) in 2003 in Vietnam . Second Congress elected 63 members and 3 members of Honour by Mr. Ha Quang Du former member of the Central Party Committee , Secretary - Chairman of the Sports Committee chairman Do Hoang Vinh Giang and directors of the Body Hanoi Sports education Vice Chairman and secretary General of the other members .

From 2001 to the present

August 2001 at the Congress midterm Vietnam Olympic Committee , Mr. Ha Quang Du Chairman of the Vietnam Olympic Committee due to work , the Standing Conference Board has elected Mr. Nguyen Danh Thai supplements Minister - Chairman of the sports Commission as Chairman of the Vietnam Olympic Committee lock 2 (1998 -2002 ) . Due to the preparation required to host the 22nd SEA Games in Vietnam , the Standing Committee has elected three additional members of the Standing Committee of the Olympic Committee of Vietnam Mr. Nguyen Trong Hy is the Vice Chairman of the Committee for Physical Training Sports , Nguyen Hong Minh City Department 1 high performance sport and his vice chairman Trinh Thanh Binh Director of Sports facility in Ho Chi Minh City Commissioner . At the same time the Standing Committee has also decided to strengthen the Board of Education - Academic Olympic Committee inspection and reward or discipline of the Vietnam Olympic Committee .

Thus, from its inception to the present , Vietnam Olympic Committee has conducted 4 additional times to strengthen the organization and at the same time congress term 2 and a mid-term congress .

Through practical activities , under the direct leadership of the Sports Committee of the State , the Vietnam Olympic Committee has contributed to the development of Olympic Sports of the water , creating positive changes pole of the Olympic Movement Vietnam on 3 strategic areas : sport for All , Sports heights and International Relations in the field of sport .

Leaders of Vietnam Olympic Committee over the period :

* Chairman :

- Mr. Le Duc Chinh (1976-1981)

- Mr. Ta Quang Chien (1982-1993)

- Mr. Ha Quang Du (1993-2001)

- Mr. Nguyen Danh Thai (2001 -present )

* Secretary-General :

- Tu Liem Bui (1978-1982)

- Mr. Mai Van Muon (1982-1998)

- Mr. Hoang Vinh Giang (1998 -present )