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Name: Hoàng Thanh Trang
DOB: 1980
Gender: Female
Sport: Chess
Hoang Thanh Trang (born April 25, 1980 in Hanoi) is a female chess grandmaster Vietnam nationality currently playing for the Hungarian Chess Federation. She is the reigning European champions after winning the championship in the individual European Serbia in August 2013.
Hoang Thanh Trang of Vietnam female players only so far in the top 10 female players with the highest Elo rating in the world (9th April 2006) and now she is the only person in Vietnam in the group of top female players of FIDE.


To 14 -year-old Hoang Thanh Trang has reached international standard female Grandmaster . 2 years later she became International Grandmaster at the age of 16 . In 1998, aged just 18 , she became Vietnam athletes first and only championship to date content Championship Women World Youth chess in Kozhikode , India . In 1999, she qualified grandmaster male and first female to become one of 12 players to achieve this title . In 2000, Hoang Thanh Trang championship chess championship at Udaipur Asia , India after gaining 9 points / 11 boards , including the game winner hopes of the host country is Tania Sachdev , more players Qin Ying Khan second half points. In 2002, the Olympic flag in the world held in Bled , Slovenia , Hoang Thanh Trang won the first class table 1 , the girls help Vietnam ranked 11th final ( the highest ever ) .
In 2006, due to funding problems , after 10 years playing the chess team Vietnam , Hoang Thanh Trang asked to move to the Hungarian Chess Federation ( which had invited her to play since 1996 ) . The news is considered a major blow to the sports industry Vietnam because she is always the number one player of Vietnam and leading . By early 2007 , the company Dragon Capital has decided to finance the Vietnam Chess Federation with the primary objective is to be invited back to Hoang Thanh Trang Vietnam team .
In Hungary flag shirt Federation , she is also regarded as one of the female players of the squad because female female grandmaster Judit Polgar did not compete in the women's tournament . In the European Championships in 2006 , Hoang Thanh Trang helped Hungary team ranked 4th overall and entered the final round of the world championship .
In 2007, Hoang Thanh Trang met three standards of international chess grandmaster male and a period of few female players male grandmaster title . July 2008 , Hoang Thanh Trang has an Elo rating 2487 , ranked No. 19 in the rankings of FIDE women players . she joined women's chess championship 2008 world , won the first two rounds and in the last 16 period the most powerful , succumbing only to make the world's No. 2 woman Koneru Humpy ( 1 draw 1 loss ) .
In 2009, in the women's individual chess Europe , Hoang Thanh Trang lead time between the award , but could not maintain the advantage and finished in 10th place . Yet she has won over the capacity to attend a chess championship 2009 women's world .
Similarly , in the women's individual chess tournament in Europe in 2012 , Hoang Thanh Trang lead after 6 rounds with 5.5 points ( +5 = 1 ) . When rivals meet up in the second half , I have lost some games and the 12th overall , enough to win the right to attend World Cup 2012 women's chess .

Award: female grandmaster