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Vietnam Sport News
Vietnam Olympic Committee: Reaching new heights
Vietnam Olympic Committee: Reaching new heights
22/10/2013 15:08

2012 was considered an important milestone for Vietnam sports in general and the Vietnam Olympic Committee (VOC) in particular. With many regional, continental and world sport Games organizing in countries such as the London Olympics, Paralympics, Asian Beach Sport Games - Haiyang (China), ... VOC  contributed it,s no small part to success of Vietnam Sports Contingent. In particular, the greatest hallmark of VOC was to participate successfully in the campaign to host the 18th Asian Games  2019 (Asiad 18-2019). The success in gaining the right to host the 18th Asian Games - 2019, a world-scale sport event after the Olympic Games, has raised Vietnam Sport and Vietnam Olympic movement to a new level.

Imprints 2012

Despite the overall development trend of the world economy is facing many challenges due to the global financial crisis, VOC finished well it,s task. The National Olympic Committees Congress- term 2012 – 2016 with transfering Chairman position from Ex- Deputy Minister Nguyen Danh Thai to the Minister of Culture, Sports and Tourism Hoang Tuan Anh, has also officially opened a new page for Vietnam Olympic.

Highlights of achievements of Vietnam Olympic Committee in 2012 was to succeed in bidding for the host of  the 18th Asian Games in 2019 , as well as propagandising and promoting the fifth Asian Beach Games wich will be held in Vietnam in 2016. Besides, Vietnam Olympic Committee also played the active role in promoting, educating the  Olympic ideas and Sports for everyone. In coordination with state management agencies, media agencies, VOC frequently disseminated the  lofty ideal of the Olympic movement, the policy guidelines and Sports development of the Party and State, extensive propagandised in the community about the International Sport Events, include the 3rd Asian Beach Games( ABG3 ) in Haiyang - China, Olympic London 2012, Paralympic London 2012, the preparation for the 5rd Asian Beach Games( ABG5 ) – 2016  in Nha Trang, Khanh Hoa- Vietnam and coordinated well with the neighbor countries Laos, Thailand , ... in organizing the Events such as the Olympic Run Day, Kids Olympic...

Do not stop with the propaganda, VOC  also focused on relationships with organizations, international sports federations to send officials, coaches, athletes to training schools, to advanced training courses, such  as the advanced training course in Spain, the training course for young Olympic managers in Singapore, Malaysia, called upon sponsor to send the  Athletes  and Gymnasts to training at Bradford College .. . Besides, VOC also invites  foreign experts to Vietnam  to train and prepare human resources  for Vietnam sport. In just one year, 6 training courses was held in all over the country related to the specific sports such as badminton, table tennis, Rowing, Tennis ...

In oder to promote  relationships with the international sports organizations such as the IOC, OCA, Olympic solidarity fund, the international and continental sports federations, VOC deployed effectively the  activities, the programs of the year sponsored and supported by the above organizations.

Focus of 2013

Being recognized as an important year with many in and abroad sport activities, VOC determined to complete the task of the year 2013 . that is: VOC will coordinate with General Department of Physical Culture and Sports to make the best preparation for oncomming competitions of Vietnam sport contingent at the imortant sport Events, such as the 27th  SEA Games in Myanmar , Asian Indoor Games and  the 4th Asian Martial Arts Games in Incheon - South Korea, 2nd  Asian Youth Games in Nanjing - China. VOC also coordinates with General Department of Physical Culture and Sports to promote effectively the campaign “say no to drugs”, “anti- violence” in sport activities, popularizes widely the Olympic movement to the masses.

8  missions should be completed in 2013 and subsequent years

 1) Implementing the action progamme- " say no to drugs " in sport activities and Olympic movements in Vietnam; eliminating gradually negative phenomena, violence in sport ;

2) Issuing VOC Statutes, Working Regulations of theVOC,s Office, of the functional Boards and  Representative  in Ho Chi Minh City ;

3)  Preparing all aspects for competitions of Vietnam sport contingent at the imortant international sport Events in the year 2013, the 17th Asian Games, Incheon , South Korea - 2014; the 31st  Olympic, De Janero , Brazil – 2016.

4) Urgently completing legal procedures and the project for organization of the 5th  ABG- 2016 and the 18th Asian Games -2019  to  submit to government, s approval, in order to deploy immediately the preparations for these Events in Vietnam.
5) Consulting about the completion of advaced sports managing system in accordance to  “breakthrough " stage of the 2012 - 2016 term, especially in the selection of the key Olympic sports , to spearhead suit physical force of the Vietnam athletes and, the application of the " stimulus " to encourage the efficient investment , taking into account the purpose of the provinces, industry ... ;

6) Strengthening the propaganda, Olympics education, the 5th  Asian Beach Games and the 18th Asian Games to the masses, especially the youth generation;

7) Support the establishment of the federations, the associations of the sports, has made many contributions to the Vietnam sport to integrate further and create  opportunity for staffs , coaches referee, to raise their qualification.

8) Actively seeking funding in and abroad to fund more for the activities of the VOC .