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Boxing is a sport of individual resistance, glove-covered hand punch to the specified point on the body of the special law, derived from the game empty-handed subjects.
Boxing has a history of more than 5 thousand years in Egypt and Babylon (Babylon), one of the exams of the ancient Olympic Games in Greece.

The rules of boxing first appeared in England in 1867. The game includes 3 innings, 3 minutes each half, leave half between 2 1 minutes. The winner is who won more points, knocking the opponent, or the opponent does not have the ability to play or be disqualified.

Federation of International Amateur Boxing (AIBA) in 1947. Since 1904, boxing in the Olympic program. Since 1974, the world championship boxing 4 years. In addition, there is the World Cup, the European Championships and regional (2 years), world youth championships (4 years).

Professional boxing fight under its own rules, which from the late 19th century. In Vietnam, he developed right from the early years of the twentieth century in a number of towns and cities.
Article 1 : ring

1.1 . Requirements: In all competitions , the ring should comply with the following requirements :

1.1.1 . Size: Each side of the square ring must be at least 4.9 m ( 16 feet ) and a maximum of 6.1 m ( 20 feet ) from the side of the ropes . In international competitions each ring edge is 6.1 m . Boundaries are not less than 0.91 m and 1.22 m high ( 4 feet ) above the ground or floor .

1.1.2 . Floors and cushion angle : Floors must be designed and definitely not safe protrusions and extended 46 cm ( 18 inches ) from the ring ropes . It should also be consistent with 4 corner columns , the columns lined the corner to good to not cause injury to athletes . The corner is arranged as follows : the left corner area opposite Chairman scrutiny ( Sheriff ) is red corner , top left corner beyond white ( neutral ) , far right corner of the blue corner , angle is closer to a neutral corner .

1.1.3 . Floor covering stations : Radio floor is covered with a layer of skin ( seal ) or rubber , or the material has been approved in accordance with good elasticity , thickness of not more than 1.3 cm thin and thick than 1.9 cm . This rug should be flattened and fixed in place at the same time large enough to cover the entire outer part of the ring .

1.1.4 . Ropes : There are 3 or 4 ropes with a diameter of at least 3 cm and 5 cm up from the corner tied the station floor height from floor is 40 cm , 80 cm and 130 cm . In the case of the 4 ropes height is 40.6 cm , respectively , 71.1 cm , 101.6 cm and 132.1 cm . The ropes are included surrounded by the belt material is soft and smooth with a diameter of 3 to 4 cm . These wires are not sliding on ropes .

1.1.5 . Stairs : Boundaries have 3 stairs . Two staircases in two opposite corners for athletes ( athletes ) and care staff , a staircase in the corner for neutral referees and doctors use .

1.1.6 . Plastic Bags : In the two neutral corners outside radio stations play , every corner hangs a plastic bag of cotton , use tape to arbitration when athletes bleeding or referee threw a towel , wipes his due to use .

1.2 . The ring was : In the tournament championship is important , can use 2 ring .


2.1 . Gloves are permitted :

Athletes gloves red or blue depending on the corner designated player and not his gloves .

2.2 . Specification:

Gloves weighs 284g ( 10 ounces ) in which the skin is not heavier than half the total weight of the stuffing and padding is not lighter than half the total weight . Contact area must be marked invalid on the gloves have distinctly different color with the color of the gloves . The stuffing of gloves is not allowed to replace or breaks . In the AIBA international recognition , only kind of velcro gloves are allowed to use . Gloves must be clean and ready for use will be allowed .

2.3 . The test procedure of AIBA gloves :

AIBA will continue to classify producers for Boxing Gloves Tournament of AIBA , the manufacturer must be designed to meet requirements for gloves AIBA type 284g ( 10.0 Z ) . Gloves should be tested by the Committee and the safety equipment of AIBA and must be approved by the Executive Committee . If possible , try to be the manufacturer's official seal quality and are used in amateur tournaments .

Each manufacturer standard AIBA approved gloves must be deposited in one account to assure quality AIBA and AIBA will use the money for the fine quality gloves yet . This procedure will be reported to the glove manufacturer .

AIBA 's responsibilities in each league to play test gloves . AIBA tournaments control of Federation , the regional office for the continental tournament and national federations . Except gloves AIBA has put its own with the glove manufacturer , normally tournament organizers glove use AIBA has approved the most available . All players in any tournament are required to wear proper gloves on .

2.4 . Supervising officer 's gloved AIBA :

Gloves and hand bandage used to play under control by 2 experienced officials appointed on the basis of law . They will take responsibility for ensuring that all safety rules are carefully monitored until the player steps into the ring .


3.1 . Specification:

Tapes " VELPEAU " no longer than 2.5 m will be used for each hand . Any other dressings are not allowed to use . The use of any type of tape , rubber or plastic stickers pasted prohibited . If using tape length 7.6 cm , width 2.5 cm , hand bandage to immobilize the wrist is allowed .

3.2 . The award continent , world and Olympic :

Brassard will be used by the host country provides . Athletes will be given the armband by new officials dressing just before entering the game .


4.1 . Costumes are allowed to use :

The athletes must be dressed according to the following rules :

4.1.1 . Clothing :

Athletes must wear shoes or boots are not sharp nose and bright without heels, bring socks , long pants not knee , bra covered chest and back . In international matches , Olympic , World Cup , World Championships , the World Championships ( under 19 ) , sports congress goodwill or any AIBA tournament is passed , athletes will be wear red or blue depending on the angle of the specified station and take full responsibility for their color . Costumes can play in the country 's athletes named in accordance with the size and characteristics have been approved by AIBA , not more than 100 cm2 . If the same color clothes , the belt must be looked explicitly using belt material is stretchy width 10 cm . Position the lap belt is an imaginary line from the navel down to the hip .

4.1.2 . Protective gear teeth :

Athletes are forced to use : Wrap teeth to fit tight on the upper jaw of athletes . Water played host to provide adequate protective gear for athletes that competed but no crowns and the National Federation of the athletes will pay . When playing , prohibits athletes dropped out crowns and if you try to be cautioned or forfeit the right to play . If a player with a punch out flings crowns , the referee will lead athletes to the corner of the athletes , for washing and for athletes crowns bring . In the meantime, take care not allowed to talk to players . If the crown dropped out 3 times for whatever reason , athletes will receive a warning and if continued will receive the 2nd warning .

4.1.3 . Protect groin :

Athletes should be lowered to protect the equipment , can carry more Coki ( Jock - Strap ) .

4.1.4 . Head protection :

Safety helmet is equipped with individual athletes and must be fitted with a swimmer's head . However, athletes must register red or blue helmets in the game organized by AIBA . The helmet must be used properly by AIBA , AIBA classification was checked by the committee and the design and safety . AIBA Executive Committee will review and acceptance of helmets can vary with conditions as stated in Article 2.3 paragraph 2 stipulates . Athletes must wear protective headgear while playing and will be removed as soon as the game ended and before the decision is announced .

4.2 . The use of a controlled substance :

In addition to the above equipment , athletes are not used to playing the other character . The use of lubricants with Vaseline , petroleum jelly or other products can be harmful to obliterate the enemy in the face, arms or any other part of the body is prohibited. Athletes will be cleaned of this material in medical tests before weight. Not beards , thin mustache can be accepted , but no longer than the upper lip .

4.3 . The costumes violations :

Arbitration will of athletes out of the game if the players do not wear hats , groin unprotected , or protected that if athletes are not clean, improper attire . If gloves, clothing of athletes playing slip , the referee will stop the match so neatly repaired .

4.4 . Uniforms :

The mainland office and regional organizations when sending mixed team in international competitions for athletes to be sorted in uniform so as not to conflict with AIBA rules . A continental office or regional organization is not demanding a national team uniform or equipment contrary to what the agreement states . However, athletes from different countries to participate in the team area may require regional organizations provide for their uniforms .


5.1 . Requirements : The following equipment should be available :

5.1.1 . Two -bottomed shallow tray containing resin scattered debris .

5.1.2 . Two seats : Two swivel chairs for athletes to use during the break break up.

5.1.3 . Two plastic cups used for drinking mouthwash , but not water containers , two plastic spray bottle with water to use for drinking water . Also there is not any other kind of water bottles for athletes and staff care use in the ring ... two pots and two buckets of sawdust .

5.1.4 . Tables and chairs for officials .

5.1.5 . A gong ( with thighs ) or a bell .

5.1.6 . One (preferably two ) stopwatch seconds.

5.1.7 . The set of sample cards by AIBA .

5.1.8 . A first-aid kit .

5.1.9 . A microphone connected to the radio system .

05/01/10 . Two gloves same manufacturer as described in Article 2.

5.1.11 . A stretcher .

5.1.12 . Two protective headgear ( 1 red , 1 blue ) .