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Tennis Table
Table tennis is a sport played with 2 sides, 1 or 2 side hit a tennis ball back and forth with the 1 or 2 people on the other side, each using a racket, almost like playing tennis
Table tennis is a sport played with 2 sides , 1 or 2 side hit a tennis ball back and forth with the 1 or 2 people on the other side , each using a racket , almost like playing tennis .
Law playing different table tennis but the basic concepts are the same . Table tennis is the competitive sport at the Olympics . How to spin , speed and tactics when playing is the important factor when playing table tennis . The speed of the ball can vary from slow to very fast spin sometimes much more than 110 km / h .
Table size ball size × 1.5 m × 2.7 m 0.762 m ( 9 ft x 5 ft x 3 in) , hard surface rectangular table , the surface can be green , blue , or dark . A grid in the middle of the table divided into two equal portions ( very similar to tennis courts ) and stretch to reach 15.2 cm ( 6 in) above the table .

Table tennis requires a room large enough for players to be able to move comfortably . In international competitions , World Table Tennis Federation requires an area of ​​not less than 14 m ( 46 ft ) in length , 7 m ( 23 ft ) wide and 5 m ( 16 ft ) in height. Four corners may be covered by surface no longer than 1.5 m ( 5 ft ) .

Racquet in about 10 , with polished surface for approximately 15.8 cm × 15.8 cm ( 6 in. x 6 in. ) , although competition rules do not limit the size or shape . The modern racquets usually have a thin layer of rubber coating racquet . The rubber coating may be dotted points and these points can be in the front or the back , making a thin layer becomes thinner pieces smoking among middle piece of wood and rubber surfaces .

Rating spin plays a crucial role in modern table tennis , rubber and a combination of suction and rubber pads are designed to increase the amount of spin and speed players can pass the ball up to the top . The ball used in table tennis has a diameter of 40 mm , made ​​of mixed cellulose ( cellulose ) , completely hollow and weightless . The number of stars on the ball often mean the quality of it , about the rise and roundness .

Combined with spin speed makes table tennis a sport become an even interesting to play and to watch . Differences between Olympic level and recreational players is very large family .

The winner is the first to reach 11 points , and each player alternating serves every two points . When the score was 10-10 after the change point on serve . The winner will be the first besting his opponent 2 points . Game play is a 11-point shift of the World Table Tennis Federation ( ITTF ) in 2001 . Board game 21 points still exist widely in the entertainment competitions . All Competitions at national and international boards are 11-point game .

Table tennis originated from England , which is a game after dinner entertainment elite in Victorian times of the 1880s .

1921 Table Tennis Organization was established in the UK , and the World Table Tennis Federation ( ITTF ) was established in 1926 next . London is the host of the first World Championships in 1927. Table tennis became an official Olympic competition in 1988.
TABLE 2.1 Section 2.1.1 on the surface of the polished table called ( the table ) 2m74 long rectangle , 1m525 wide , lies in a horizontal plane 76cm ​​high from the ground . 2.1.2 The table does not include the side of the table 2.1.3 can Countertops made ​​of any material and does not have a uniform bounce of about 23cm when standard to balls dropped from a height of 30cm to that table . 2.1.4 The table must have a uniform dark color and translucent , around a table with a 2cm wide white road markings , the length of each line of the table 2m74 called border along each line by the width of the table 1m52 call the goal line ( the end of the table ) . 2.1.5 The table is divided into two equal parts by a vertical grid lines parallel to the end of the table and stretch throughout the entire area dividing the two sides of the table . 2.1.6 For doubles , each table divided into two equal parts by a small street between the white lines parallel to 3mm wide along the border . Road line between being considered as belonging to the right side of each half of the table . 2.2 SEGMENT NET 2.2.1 includes major parts mesh nets , poles and wires stretched grid , including grid clip to pair pile on the table . 2.2.2 The nets are stretched by a small rope , tie each input pile height 15.25 cm grid . Distance along the outer limit boundary with net deposits was 15.25 cm column . 2.2.3 The edge of the mesh to the length 15.25 cm high above the table . 2.2.4 The bottom edge of the grid throughout the length of the table should be close to the side of the net and also need to look at the pile grid . 2.3 BALL 2.3.1 spherical ball with a diameter of 40mm . 2.3.2 The ball weighs 2.7 g . 2.3.3 The ball is made of cellulose plot - less or similar plastics material , colored white or orange , and matt . 2.4 2.4.1 Rackets Racquets can size , shape and weight , but any blade must be flat and hard . 4
2.4.2 At least 85% of the blade thickness to natural wood , a layer of adhesive bene blade may be reinforced with fibers of carbon fiber such as fiberglass or compressed paper , but shall not exceed 7 , 5 % of the total thickness or 0.35 mm . 2.4.3 The use of blade to be polished or coated with rubber tread typically , spikes outwards , including all adhesive thickness not exceeding 2 mm , or foam rubber with thorns or spines facing back , all thickness including adhesive does not exceed 4 mm . Rubber spikes are usually a single layer of rubber , not honeycomb , natural or synthetic , the wide spread damage spikes are on the racket with density less than 10 and not more than 50 spikes / cm2 ; foam rubber is a single layer of thick rubber honeycomb coated with rubber on the outside often have thorns , thick layer of rubber spikes must not exceed 2mm . 2.4.4 Materials shall extend to cover the edges , but not to exceed the limits of the blade , except the closest placement of the fingers and could not or covered to a certain substance . 2.4.5 blade and any layer within the blade and the outer coating or paste for polishing the surface must be continuous and uniform thickness . 2.4.6 The blade government or the government not to blur blade , one side is bright red and the other is black . 2.4.7 The small deviations about the continuity of surface or uniformity players of color by unusual events or by the wear and tear they may condescend long as it does not significantly alter the characteristics of the courts. 2.4.8 Before starting the game or when the player changes the game , players will take their player that uses the opponent and the referee watching and checking .