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Made known badminton (Badminton) was named a city in England. Badminton is a sport using rackets hit the ball through the net 1.55 m high, stretched between the rectangular field (13.4 × 6.1 m for doubles; 13.1 × 5.2 m for for singles).
Badminton born from ancient Rome, represented the first time in the city Batminton.

How to play: players hit over the net to the opponent falls on the court, not to the fall in their yard. Badminton smaller, less expensive area, can build on the narrow piece of land in the neighborhood is so popular favorite.

The International Badminton Federation (IBF) founded in 1934, now has more than 90 national federations members. Since 1984, every three years IBF Cup held Tomat (Thomas Cup) Cup for men and the UBO (Uber Cup) for the women. Badminton is the program of the Asian Games and the sports meeting in Southeast Asia. Since 1977, the world championship badminton.

Vietnam Badminton Federation Founded in 1990, the national championships are held every year.
ARTICLE I : Shantou 1.1 . Golf is a rectangle as shown in diagram " A " ( except in the case of Article 1.5 ) and the size specified in the diagram , the 40mm wide markings . 1.2 . The borders are easy to see , preferably white or yellow lines . 1.3.1 . To specify the fall of the ball properly when I tried ( to 4.4 ) who can add 4 marks 40mm x 40mm along the border of the field of application of the party over the right end of the field to the goal line and 530mm 990mm . 1.3.2 . When the men of this stamp , the width of the sign should be in the size range indicated , ie to mark the outer edge of the goal line late from 530mm to 570mm and pitch from 950mm to 990mm . 1.4 . All markings are part of the defined area . 1.5 . If space does not permit the court who are singles and couples who pitch in the singles chart as " B " . Cross border backcourt is also serving remote border , columns or fabric or other materials instead of columns ( Section 2.2 ) must be placed along the border . ARTICLE II : COLUMN 2.1 STRETCH blade . 1m55 high tension grid column from the surface to the field, the columns have to be able to stand firm and hold to the straight stretch mesh so as specified in Article 3 and shall be placed along the boundary as shown in diagram A. 2.2 . Case can not be done on the border along the column , you can use any way to specify the location of the border along the bottom of the net , such as using the more slender columns , or with a cloth or other materials 4mm width , fixed alternative objects from the edge and pull straight up along the wire tension grid . Court singles - sometimes
2.3 . On the doubles court , columns or replacements must be mounted on the vertical edge of the doubles court , despite the fact that single or double play . ARTICLE III : blade 3.1 . Small wire mesh to make dark , mesh not less than 15mm and less than 20mm . 3.2 . Nets must be 760mm width . 3.3 . Above the rim with 1 grid to white tape , 75mm wide can be made ​​to slip through the net tape tensions . 3.4 . Wire mesh stretch to the size and weight appropriate to be able to stretch the top horizontal grid columns . 3.5 . The top edge of the grid must be greater than 1m524 field position at midfield and 1m55 twin boundaries along the field . 3.6 . Do not leave gaps between the grid and column , if necessary, to force the grid side of the column . ARTICLE IV : DEMAND
The principle can bridge made ​​of natural materials or synthetic materials . Whether made ​​of any material must have the characteristics such as the flight feathers made ​​with a base of natural li - e wrap a thin layer of skin . Related to the above rule is : 4.1 . General Description : 4.1.1 . Bridges must have 16 feathers attached to the base . 4.1.2 . Feathers may have a length from 64mm to 70mm , but in every sphere of all long hair must be equal if measured from the base to the top of the hair . 4.1.3 . The first part of the feathers to make one circle diameter from 59mm to 68mm . 4.1.4 . The feathers shall be fastened together with just and appropriate materials . 4.1.5 . God needs to : - diameter from 25mm to 28mm . - Bottom right circle . 4.2 . Weight: The weight must be from 4.74 to 5.50 grams . 4.3 . The feathers do not have : 4.3.1 . ( The jersey ) or the synthetic materials instead of feathers . 4.3.2 . God spoke to in Article 4.1.5 . 4.3.3 . Size and weight requirements specified in Article 4.1.2 , 4.1.3 and 4.2 . However, due to its own weight and the nature of the synthetic material with feathers can be misleading in the 10 % range . 4.4 . Try to : 4.4.1 . To try to bridge , cross border last stand from the field, hit hard and rainbows on demand , the need to fly upward , parallel to and along the border . 4.4.2 . The proper must not fall below 530mm and not more than 990mm from the edge of the other side of the baseline level . 4.5 . Amendment : There should be no further amendments to general , and the flight range of the fall , can only modify the rules with the consent of the badminton organizations concerned . 4.5.1 . In areas where the atmospheric conditions , altitude or because the weather is not consistent with the standard sphere . 4.5.2 . In special circumstances require different conditions for the benefit of the game .
ARTICLE V : 5.1 rackets . Side of the racket to hit flat and composed of woven wire stretched over the frame . Conductors evenly between the players and especially not in little more than other places . 5.2 . Frame , including personnel must not exceed 680mm in length and 230mm in width . 5.3 . The length of the racquet head should not exceed 290mm . 5.4 . The area must not exceed 280mm strung length and 220 in width . 5.5 . Rackets : 5.5.1 . On the racket must be free of material and bumps add up , in addition to the details only for special purposes , and limited anti- corrosion effect tear , or vibration or weight distribution or to firmly rolled by forced into the hands of players of moderate size and installed with the purpose stated above . 5.5.2 . Do not have any equipment that helps players can change the shape of the racket