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Judo is a modified wrestling disciplines from Jujutsu (jujutsu), nam1882 appeared in Japan, is a sport of both men and women.
Judo is a modified wrestling disciplines from Jujutsu (jujutsu), nam1882 appeared in Japan, is a sport of both men and women.

In this exam, players use the transom, footwork, excavation ... to throw the opponent to the floor, taking the pieces hugged, caught, crushed, pressed the enemy back into the ring for 30 seconds, or cracked hands, strangled forced to yield to the enemy.

Carpeted ring size 8 x 8 m, playing time 4-15 minutes, depending on age and level the contest. At the end of the nineteenth century, early twentieth century, Judo became popular in Europe, Asia and America. International Judo Federation (IJF) established in 1956. Judo is put into Olympic program since 1964. World Championship of Judo conducted biennially.

In Vietnam, in the 50s and 60s of the twentieth century, Judo development in some major cities.
Article 1 : area rugs match play is a flat square with a size of 14m x 14m (minimum ) up to 16m x 16m (max ) . This area must be covered with Tatami mats or similar materials are acceptable , usually green and red ( see Figure 1 ) . Area rugs should play is divided into two parts that distinguish each play area and reference area safe . Zone demarcation between the two is called the " danger zone " is represented by a red band around 1 meter width around the entire perimeter of the square and is considered as part of the battle area game . The battle area is a square with a size of 8m x 8m (minimum ) up to 10m x 10m (max ) . The carpet outside the danger zone depends on the area of ​​safety and width of about 3m ( not less than 2.5 m ) . A blue duct tape and a white band , about 6cm wide and 25cm long , was posted on the center area of ​​combat, and 4m apart to indicate the position of the player at the start and at the end of the game game . Blue tape and duct tape to paste the white paste of arbitration left . Play area should be installed on a wooden floor or a flat base elasticity ( see note ) . If there are two or more play areas are located adjacent to each other shall be permitted to use an area generally safe minimum width of 3m . Wooden floor with a height of about 50cm . Note: Tatami mat play area ; * Normally Tatami mats are rectangular dimensions 183cm x 91.5 cm This size can be slightly smaller depending on the region of Japan. Currently, the carpets are usually 1m x 2m in size , is made of foam rubber or foam , to make sure the carpet and work to reduce vibration mitigation fall . * The Tatami mats should be covered by a plastic substance , usually red and green, not too slippery or rough . * The carpet made ​​a play area must be adjacent to each other , with no gaps , to form a homogeneous surface and fixed so that the move is not free .
Wood floor or flat background : * The flat should be made ​​of hardwood and has a shrug . The size of this clause of 18m square each side and 50cm high max . Article 2 : Tools 2.1 Chair and Director of the boundary flags and Arbitration : Two ( 02 ) ergonomic chairs are placed in the area of ​​safety , in two opposite corners of the mat game. A green flag and a white flag is placed in a pocket in each marginal seat of directors . Also have a green flag and a white flag to the referee controls the match official . 2.2 scoring sheet : * Each mat should have played two scoring table (manual or electronic ) . * Each sheet size not exceeding 90cm in height and 2m in width ( the size may increase or decrease depending on the room ) . * Each table has a green side and a white side can be reversed . * Scoring sheet should be placed outside the play mat , usually opposite each other on either side of this area . Scoring sheet should be located so as to ensure the referee saw the game and control the audience . * On each scoring table must have a sufficient number of tables (typically from 1 to 10 ) to score technical points equivalent to the penalty error . * On each table must be free of signs of error . * The following small panels need to be prepared to record the time in the doctor's intervention where necessary (see Article 1.8.21 and notes of Article 29 ) : Two small table with green background trees , with a green cross on each table .
Two tables desultory green background , with a white cross on each table . In case of using the score board by hand , there must be a hand tool is used to indicate the remaining time of the match , when necessary, to stop the ball during the match progresses . In case of use of electronic records , the transcripts must be written by hand using parallel or redundant . The specification , and the error points or penalties , including doctor's interventions in the area of ​​competition (see Article 29 ) shall be recorded in the table immediately after chants of Arbitration (see Article 8.1 . 21 ) . Table 2.3 Real -time convention : The table must be of the real -time use only for the ref to know specification achieved in real time (see Articles 5 , 13 and notes ) . 2.4 Clock timing : the time clock of 04 clock manually to be distributed as follows : Playing time : one ( 01 ) clock . Don OSAE KOMI estate : two ( 02 ) watches . In case of using the time clock electronic clock , the hands of time to be used in parallel for the purpose of calculation time . 2.5 Co ( timing of the ) : People who have the time to use the following flags : Chinese gold : stop property damage . It is not necessary to use yellow flags and blue flags in the case of electronic timing . However, this flag must be available . 2.6 Signalling end game : The termination of real -time the match referee should be alert to know in a bell or chime instruments ( Article 14 and notes ) . In the case once more play area must use different tools chime . 2.7 blue and white belts :
Each player should bring a blue or white belt with a width of at least 5 cm and a length sufficient to wrap a belt loop on the back of tightening
equivalent level , and more loans from 20 to 30 cm on each side to tie knots ( known players before bringing green belt , then bring players called white belt ) .