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Sport News International
Five talents promises to shine in 2014
Five talents promises to shine in 2014
18/02/2014 10:10
These athletes, who are less than 20 years old, showed off their talent in 2013 and they are expected to shine in 2014.
1 - Nguyen Thi Anh Vien (swimming)

Anh Vien (middle).

At the age of 17, she made a lot of records in Southeast Asia and Asia. 2014 is very important for Anh Vien because she has to demonstrate her progress and to look forward to the international arena. Her goal is to defend the five gold medals at the Southeast Asian Championships and to win medals in the Junior Olympic and the Asian Games.

2 - Thach Kim Tuan (weightlifting)

The 19-year-old is one of the golden hopes of Vietnam's sports at the 2014 Asian Games. Kim Tuan’s 285 kg achievement at the 2013SEA Games is only 1kg less than the Asia Trophy 2013 of Om Yun Chol (North Korea).

Kim Tuan regularly reached the weight of 290 kg during training. If he knocks this weight in the 2014 Asian Games and the world championships, Kim Tuan has opportunity to win gold medals.

3 - Ly Hoang Nam (tennis)

The player who was born in 1997 becomes the greatest hope of Vietnam’s tennis in the international arena, with great strides over the past year.

He successfully defended the national championship at the age of 16, won the Junior Asian Games gold medal, the trophy of the Junior ITF Championship in Thailand, and qualified for the official round of the Young Junior Australia Open.

In 2014, Hoang Nam's goal is to improve his position in the ITF rankings and win a card to the three remaining Junior Grand Slam tournaments.

4 - Pham Cao Cuong (badminton)

After a training course in Indonesia, Cao Cuong made rapid progress in 2013. He won many outstanding achievements in 2013, including the second position at the Korea International Junior Tournament, ranking third at the Indonesia International Junior Tournament. He ranked seventh in the World Junior Rankings in early 2014.

Cao Cuong, 18, aims to win at the world junior badminton championships in Taiwan from February 16.

5 - Nguyen Anh Khoi (chess)

Khoi, the champion of the World U10 Championships in 2012 with 11 points after 11 games, continued to make big surprise when ranking second at the Chess Tournament for Strong Competitors in 2013.

The 11-year-old chess player who could compete fairly and won high achievements in the leading national chess tournament is unprecedented, even with the prodigies as Truong Son and Quang Liem.
In 2014, in addition to studying at school, Anh Khoi will continue to develop his chess career under the guidance of coach Lam Minh Chau. His goal is to continue to shine in the U12 World Chess Tournament in 2014.