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Vietnam Sport News
Việt Nam in tough group at Women’s World Cup
Việt Nam in tough group at Women’s World Cup
28/10/2022 08:00

Debutants Việt Nam will play defending champions United States in their opening Group E match after the draw of the 2023 FIFA Women's World Cup held in Auckland, New Zealand, on October 22.

The Netherlands, who lost the last World Cup final to the US, will also be in the group.

The final team will be decided after play-off matches.

All Việt Nam's games will be held in New Zealand.

"We have already thought that it would be an interesting and exciting match between Việt Nam and the reigning champions the US. And yes, it is true that we will play each other," said midfielder Nguyễn Thị Tuyết Dung who joined with the Việt Nam Football Federation (VFF) officials watching the live draw at the Australian Embassy campus in Hà Nội.

"We also face with another big challenge, the silver medallist, the Netherlands. Anyway, we will have to work hard and play hard for the best result in our first World Cup."

Australian Ambassador to Việt Nam Andrew Goledzinowski confirmed that the World Cup 2023 would be an unforgettable festival for all teams and supporters around the world.

Meanwhile New Zealand Ambassador Tredene Dobdon said the embassy will do their best to help Việt Nam have the best preparation and make the team feel like they are at home during the time in her home country.

Việt Nam head coach Mai Đức Chung was present at the draw. He and the VFF staff will stay in New Zealand for several days to inspect the competition's venue, training area, accommodation and food. These activities are to ensure his team's comfortable stay during the World Cup.

FIFA Women's World Cup mascot, Tazuni, perfoms on stage during the FIFA Women's World Cup 2023 Final Tournament Draw at Aotea Centre on October 22. AFP/VNA Photo

In other groups, the Philippines, who also play their first ever World Cup, were drawn in Group A with co-host New Zealand, Norway and Switzerland.

Another co-host Australia, seeking to lift the title for the first time, were drawn in Group B with Ireland, Nigeria and Canada.

Japan, the 2011 champions, will play in Group C with Spain, Costa Rica and Zambia.

China, winners of the Asian Cup in February, were placed in Group D with England, Denmark and the winners of Playoff's Group B.

South Korea, who will play their third World Cup Finals in a row, will play in Group H with Germany, Morocco and Colombia.

Group F will see France, Jamaica, Brazil and the winners of Playoff's Group C.

In Group G, Sweden, South Africa, Italy and Argentina will compete each other.

The World Cup will be played between July 20 and August 20.

For the first time in history, eight groups were formed for the ninth tournament with only the top-two sides from each qualifying for the knockout stages.

A record-high 64 matches will be played across 10 different stadiums in two countries.

While 29 teams have been qualified, three spots remain up for grabs. The last names will be known through play-off round which gathers 10 teams.

The play-off winners will be decided on February 23, 2023. /.