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Vietnam Sport News
VTVcab secures SEA Games broadcasting rights in Việt Nam
VTVcab secures SEA Games broadcasting rights in Việt Nam
11/01/2023 10:06

Việt Nam Television Cable Corporation (VTVcab) on January 7 announced it secured the official broadcasting rights of the 32nd Southeast Asian (SEA) Games, which will be held this May in Cambodia.

VTVcab is the first broadcaster to hold the rights after a contract signing ceremony between representatives of VTVcab and the Việt Nam Future Media Joint Stock Company (On Media), which is authorised to distribute the copyright by the Cambodian SEA Games Organising Committee (CAMCOC).

It is the first SEA Games where the broadcasting rights are sold after a meeting between ASEAN countries members last July in Phnom Penh.

"It is the first time that Cambodia will host the SEA Games and also the first time the broadcasting rights are sold. In July, all 10 country members met together in a meeting and all expressed their support for Cambodia to host the Games," said Venu Ganesh Ramadas, an official of the CAMSOC's Broadcast and Production Department, adding the sale would help reduce the organising costs for the host countries.

"In the process of preparing for the 32nd SEA Games, the Cambodian organising committee received support and companionship from Việt Nam. In particular, the esports at the 32nd SEA Games have been enthusiastically supported by VIRESA in the organising activities. We are happy to hand over the rights to broadcast the 32nd SEA Games on all television, media, and social media platforms to ON Media Company and the first owner (in Việt Nam) is VTVcab,” said Ramadas.

Ramadas said Việt Nam and Cambodia were good friends. During the organising process, Cambodia received strong support from its neighbouring country. He hoped the two sides would continue working well in many other events.

Speaking at the ceremony, VTVcab Chairman of the Board of Directors Hoàng Ngọc Huấn said VTVcab was proud to be a partner of CAMSOC for the 32nd SEA Games.

The corporation is the leader in broadcasting rights and producing sport content in Việt Nam. It has accompanied Việt Nam Sport Delegation in many major sports events such as the SEA Games and Asian Games.

“VTVcab will popularise the 32nd SEA Games to a national audience. We will not only produce programmes about sports which are organised at the Games but also assist the hosts to work on sidelined events to enrich the Games' content," said Huấn.

"VTVcab is also willing to help its Cambodian partner in produce all programmes of the Games. In addition to broadcasting the Games, we will build up our own plans to produce a series about different sports and TV shows which will go along with the Games," he said.

At the coming Games, the organisers have asked the Việt Nam Recreational and Electronic Sport Association (VIRESA) to take charge of all activities of the preparation to organisation of esports.

Six esport games will be held in men's and women's individual and team categories.

After confirmation from Timor Leste recently, the 32nd SEA Games will receive the participation of all 11 country members.

"The SEA Games is an important tournament in the region, recognised by all nations. The preparation before, during and after the Games will help ensure the success of the biennial tournament," said Nguyễn Xuân Cường, General Secretary of VIRESA.

"VIRESA has been trusted to take charge of the organising activities for esports events at the 32nd SEA Games, including producing, broadcasting and popularising programmes. We promise to do our best to make sure esports are well organised, contributing to the 32nd SEA Games' success. All esports content at the Games will be promoted and broadcast with the best quality, reaching a large audience and fans across the country and the region," Cuong said.

The 31st SEA Games, held in Việt Nam in May, ended successfully with the hosts on top of the medal tally, following by Thailand and Indonesia. Cambodia placed eighth./.