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Vietnam Sport News
PM Chính visits, encourages women's team ahead of World Cup
PM Chính visits, encourages women's team ahead of World Cup
05/07/2023 16:33

Prime Minister Phạm Minh Chính visited to the national women's football team before them embark on their historic World Cup journey.

Presenting gifts to the team at the Việt Nam Football Federation's football field in Hà Nội, PM Chính expressed sympathy for the players who were training in intense heat.

He was happy to see famous former players such as goalkeeper Trần Thị Kim Hồng, midfielder Phùng Thị Minh Nguyệt and Trần Thị Bích Hạnh who were now accompanying with the players in all activities.

PM said it showed Việt Nam's beautiful tradition that predecessors would pass on experience and lessons to their successors to build and protect the country.

He also listened to reports from the VFF President Trần Quốc Tuấn and head coach Mai Đức Chung about the logistic and profession preparation of the team for the World Cup.

He reminded that it was currently the winter in New Zealand and the weather was totally different compared to Việt Nam. So the managers and coaching board should move to their competition venue as soon as possible to adapt to the new conditions.

The PM was impressed with the Việt Nam's performance in a friendly match against Germany during their training course last month. He asked the coaching board to map out suitable plans for different matches.

He wanted the team to compete at the World Cup with the highest determination, iron mind and competitive spirit.

He said being among the world strongest teams at the World Cup should be seen with great pride. Players should work hard and play hard with best possible tactics. The team should not shoulder any pressure but compete with solidarity and fair-play for the national honour and for the love of supporters.

Responding to the PM, coach Chung said his team received strong support from the government, sport officials and VFF and all were ready for the global competition.

Captain Huỳnh Như said she was happy to meet the PM and listen to his words of encouragement. She promised that all Vietnamese players would compete to their best ability in New Zealand.

The team will depart for New Zealand on July 5 to prepare for the group round where they will have two friendly matches against the hosts on July 10 and Spain four days later.

The Australia/New Zealand tournament will begin on July 20. Việt Nam's campaign will begin on July 22 against defending champions the US. They will face Portugal on July 27 and the Netherlands on August 1 in Group E. /.