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Vietnam Sport News
OCA ‘shocked and saddened’ by tragedy in Sri Lanka
OCA ‘shocked and saddened’ by tragedy in Sri Lanka
23/04/2019 09:32

Kuwait, April 22, 2019: The President of the Olympic Council of Asia, H.E. Sheikh Ahmad Al-Fahad Al-Sabah, has expressed his shock and grief at the devastating loss of life in the series of bomb attacks to hit Sri Lanka on Easter Sunday.

As the death toll reached 290 and the number of injured stood at more than 500, Sheikh Ahmad said it was difficult to find words to describe the horrifying sequence of events that unfolded in churches and hotels on Sunday morning.


“The OCA is shocked and saddened by the tragedy in Sri Lanka and would like to send deepest condolences to the families of the victims,” Sheikh Ahmad said in a statement released on Monday.


“Sri Lanka and the Sri Lankan people hold a special place in our hearts and we share their grief at this terrible time. We hope and pray that Sri Lanka can recover from this dark day. The Olympic family is with you.”


Sri Lanka is one of the most progressive and professional National Olympic Committees affiliated to the OCA and has a dynamic and youthful leadership to guide and look after its talented athletes.


“Our hearts go out to our friends and colleagues and to all the people of Sri Lanka at this difficult time,” added Sheikh Ahmad.


In response to a concerned message from Sheikh Ahmad regarding the well-being of the Sri Lankan Olympic family, the Secretary General of Sri Lanka NOC, Maxwell de Silva, replied: “We all are safe at NOC SL and we appreciate Sheikh Ahmad’s concerns for Sri Lanka and, in particular, our NOC.


“The damage is devastating and the loss of life is unbearable.” (